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Major Events in 2015
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1. The 13th Five-Year Plan and “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning


Feb 4
The first meeting of the 3rd academic committee was held in BIG. After discussed about some main concerns, such as orientation of subject, overall arrangement of the scientific research, introduction of core talents, training of the existing personnel and others, new suggestions were proposed.

Mar 20
The “13th 5-year” overall plans (comments requested) were pasted after discussed by the academic committee and staff congress in BIG. Initiated the main development and core content of discipline, Core Genomic Facility, talent team and innovative culture based upon the proposed scientific objectives and researches.


Apr 10
The CAS president BAI Chunli conducted an investigation on progress of “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning and its implementation at BIG. He hoped BIG could be served as a role model for innovation, seizing the opportunity, planning for the future, plus making a greater contribution in the fields of precision medicine, BIG Data and related.

Jul 22
The development goals of “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning during the 13th Five Year period were adopted after thorough discussion by Executive Commitee.


Oct 26
Leaders from Bureau of Development Planning and Bureau of Frontier Sciences & Education, leading group and backbone of scientific research management of BIG attended the strategic workshop held by BIG.

Oct 26
The 13th Five Year" discipline development program and the development goals of “One-Three-Five” Strategic Planning were adopted after discussion by academic committee.


2. Key Deployment Project


1) Chinese Precision Medical Research Program


Aug 31
The expert demonstration was carried out for one CAS key deployment project “Chinese precision medical research program”, which was applied by BIG as a supporting unit. All experts agreed on launching this program and starting it as long as the modification and improvement of the concrete plan is done.

Nov 13
"Chinese precision medical research program” was passed by Office of the Secretary General of CAS.


Nov 26
Project team at BIG held a volunteer mobilization meeting for “Chinese precision medical research program”. Dr. ZENG Changqing and Dr. XIAOJingfa introduced the overall review, progress and some general information about this program and face-to-face communicated with lots of people as well.

Dec 3
Volunteers who participated into the “Chinese precision medical research program” signed an agreement and consulted some concerns with program investigators one by one.

Dec 24
The “Chinese precision medical research program” was officially approved by the presidents of the CAS Office.


2) BIG Data Center


Mar 9
The Division of Cyber-infrastructure of the Finance Bureau visited BIG for investigation of BIG Data Center construction. Communication and discussion on how to set up the center and manage the team were conducted by co-parties.


May 12
The Executive Committee agreed on establishment of a working group to promote the construction of BIG DATA Center and implement various stages of the task step by step. The team members were composed by director from the institute, functional department head and PI, data center head.


Dec 10
The expert demonstration was carried out for “BIG DATA Center construction project”. All experts agreed on the project and suggested that all relevant works should be carried out as soon as possible.


Dec 16
The “BIG DATA Center construction project” was passed by the Academic Committee of BIG after thorough discussion.


Dec 22
The “BIG DATA Center construction project” was passed by the Executive Committee.


Dec 30
The preparatory department for “BIG DATA Center” was officially established.


Jan 5
Inaugural meeting for preparatory department of “BIG DATA Center” was held, the department head introduced the construction scheme for BIGD and the Human Resources department conducted a cadre democratic recommendation program in the meanwhile.


3) Major national projects


Jul 17
Project midterm report for National Key Basic Research and Development Program (973 Program) was held in Beijing, in which “Biological studies on evolutionary mechanism of tumor heterogeneity and individual treatment strategies” was led by BIG. The participated experts affirmed the achievements of each group during the past two years.

Oct 29
Key laboratory of genomic and precision medicine PI Dr. WU Chung-I, who is also the team leader of the major research plan of the National Natural Science Fund Committee of “Micro evolutionary processes of polygenic mechanisms”, presented at the meeting on behalf of the experts group. Their work was highly confirmed and evaluated as excellent by all the experts after carefully listened to the interim progress and future development plan.


Nov 27
Final acceptance of the National Major Scientific Program of “Establishment and basic data integration of medical laboratory model of miniature pigs and mice” led by Dr. YU Jun, PI of Key laboratory of genome sciences and information, is also the chief scientist of the project, was held in Beijing. The expert group confirmed the obtained achievements after listened to the presentation for overall project completeness and result, also provided constructive suggestions for further scientific research.


4) Key Laboratory Construction


May 27
Annual academic reports for key laboratory of genome sciences and information was held successfully. Academic members affirmed the achievements and hoped in the future laboratory’s development should be given priorities on highlighting its own characteristics and advantageous resources, developing of original technology, overcoming technical difficulties in genomic field, and integrating resources to promote the establishment of Life Science BIG Data Center of China.

Jul 11
Key laboratory of genome sciences and information passed the assessment evaluated by key laboratory of life sciences of CAS. The experts fully affirmed the achievements and recommended some valuable advices for the future development after be presented with the scientific research progress, talent team construction and overall operation and management of the key laboratory during the past five years.


3. Scientific Communication and Cooperation


1) BIG Forum


May 11
BIG held its first “BIG forum”, invited Dr. CHEN Runsheng, director of the academic committee of the key laboratory of nucleic acids from the institute of biophysics CAS, to give a talk on “Big data and precision medicine”. Each time one top scientist in the field of biology was invited as a keynote speaker. The main purpose for doing so is to provide a platform for scientific researchers communicating with and learning from them.

Jul 2
Dr. XU Jinghua, member of CAS, gave a great talk for “BIG forum” at BIG and also shared his views and thoughts on the earth, environment, energy, resources, China cancer prevention and other topics.

Jul 23
BIG held the third “BIG forum”. Prof CHENG Jing, member of CAE, from medical systems biology research center and department of biomedical engineering, Tsinghua University was invited to give a talk on “Molecular diagnostic techniques and precision medicine”.

Sep 18
BIG held the fourth “BIG forum ". The keynote speaker was Dr. WANG Qi, a Chinese medicine master, a tenured professor of Beijing University of Chinese medicine, an expert of the Central Health Care Commission, and also a member of International Academy of Science for Europe and Asia. His topic was focus on “Medical health program for nine different kinds of people ”.

Sep 23
BIG held the fifth "BIG forum". Dr. Dinshaw J. Patel gave a talk on “Structural Biology of Immune, Gene and Epigenetic regulation”. He is a professor from Weill Medical College of Biochemistry and Structural Biology, Cornell University and a member of American Academy of Science as well.


Oct 28
BIG held the sixth “BIG forum". Dr. Maynard Olson was invited for a presentation of “Human genetic individuality - what makes me different from you?” He is an honorable professor of Genome Sciences and of Medicine from University of Washington and a member of American Academy of Science, is also well known as a very famous scientist at genomes and human genetics.

Nov 25
BIG held seventh "Big forum". Dr. YANG Shengli, a bureau member of CAE, director for state key laboratory of oncogenes and related genes at Shanghai Cancer Institute, Shanghai Jiaotong University and the department of medicine and health from CAE, gave a presentation on “From big data to wisdom medicine”.

Dec 28
BIG held the eighth “big forum”, the speaker was Dr. RUAN Yijun from Jackson Laboratory for genome sciences, the title of his report was “3D genome and Architecture and Gene transcription regulation”.

2) International Cooperation


Jan 14
Delegation of Chinese-English personalized medicine visited BIG and had a discussion about million human genomes project, genomic data sharing plan, personalized medical treatment and etc with the BIG director XUE Yongbiao, Drs ZENG Changqing, YANG Yungui and other four PIs from CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision.

Apr 26
The 8th International biocuration conference hosted successfully by BIG, the theme of the conference is “From Big data to big discovery”. During the period of four days, lots of experts both from international top organizations including the National Center for biotechnology information of USA, the European Bioinformatics Research Institute, Switzerland biological information research institute and domestic researchers participated in this conference.

Jul 19
Editorial department of the journal Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics (GPB) in BIG hosted the “2015 genomics frontiers Symposium seminar” in Beijing. This symposium and the “International conference on genomics” held by BIG every other year complement to each other. They could help to track the frontiers of the discipline and promote academic exchange.

Nov 13
Plant genomic big data resources symposium was held successfully by BIG. The three main themes were: upgrading and improvement of “Information Commons for rice, IC4R”, designing the first “Very Important Plant (VIP) data” and building up a cloud analysis platform for big data of -omics “Qomo”.

Dec 18
The journal of Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics was listed as one of the “The high impact factor of Chinese academic journal” during the past three years. Comparing with the previous two years, its ranking increased significantly to 59th among 3,500 of alternative science and technology journals.

3) Cooperation in China


Feb 12
Inaugural meeting for CAS genome sequencing platform alliance and the agreement signing ceremony was held in BIG. CAO Ning, deputy director of the Finance Bureau, expert delegation of each center and representatives of some research institutes of CAS attended. The alliance will promote the exchange and sharing different sequencing platforms, reducing the repeated purchase, achieving resource integration and effective allocation, then could further improving the overall ability on genome research in CAS.


Apr 8
HUANG Sanweng, chief scientist at the Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, visited BIG and discussed about some specific implementation issues of the strategic cooperation framework and the feasibility of cooperation in the field of molecular breeding and gene resource, afterwards signed a cooperation agreement.

Oct 23
Formal contract for project of “Weiming -BIG united genetic research institute” which was joint constructed by Hefei municipal government, BIG and Beijing sinobioway Group Co., Ltd. Was signed in Chaohu Economic Development Zone in Hefei, Anhui Province.


Dec 23
BIG and material evidence identification center of the Ministry of public security formally signed an agreement for “Forensic Genome Collaborative Innovation Center”and had an opening ceremony.


4. Talents


1) Talent recruitment


Jun 1
Professor LIU Fan, introduced through high level overseas talent by BIG, was officially selected in the national “Thousand-talent Youth program".


Jun 3
The first meeting for HR committee was held in BIG. The committee reviewed and passed the talent introduction workflow, clearly indicated a quarterly meeting for HR committee, discussed some relevant work for talent introduction and proposed setting up a distinguished performance allowance for “Center of excellence” in BIG.


Senior talent recruitment advertisement was published at Science by BIG. Meanwhile, at the website of Science the same ads had been posted on the top roll for eight weeks. These played a positive role in promoting senior talent introduction into BIG.


Aug 27
Relying on CAS “Oversea talent into the Academy of Sciences” activity, four oversea scholars Dr. CONG Le from Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, Dr. HUANG Honggang from Danish Diabetes Institute of University of Southern Denmark, Dr. SHAO Mingfu from Switzerland Lausanne Federal Science Institute of technology and Dr. ZHANG Shuyi from MIT were invited and make academic reports at BIG.

Sep 24
The 2nd meeting for HR committee was held. After listened to the report on the progress of introduction of senior talent into BIG, the clear requirements for the next step was proposed by the head.


Dec 1
"Hundred-talent program" candidates LIU Xin and CHEN Hua from BIG successfully passed the CAS 2015 annual merit support.


2) Team Building


Apr 1
HU Songnian, director of the Key Laboratory of genome sciences and information, was selected in 2014 to enjoy the special allowance of the State Council.


Jun 10
Dr. LIU Jiang from BIG who was introduced in 2011 through “Hundred-talent program” passed the final evaluation with excellent grades.


Sep 11
Youth Innovation Promotion Association and HR department of BIG jointly organized an interdisciplinary activity, members from eight different institutes across multidisciplines were invited for communication of “cancer” -a longstanding problem of mankind.

Nov 16
Jiayan Wu from BIG was selected as an excellent member of 2015 (1st) Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS, Wenming Zhao was selected as a key technical personnel of the CAS in 2015.


3) Graduate Students


Jun 26
2015 graduation ceremony was held.


Jul 18
In total 78 college students from 58 universities participated into the summer camp of “Frontiers of Genome Science”, which was held successfully by BIG.

Sep 11
2015 Graduate School opening ceremony was held.

Oct 26
In order to cooperate with the reform for graduate education, promote the implementation of the future development strategy and do better in the new era for management of graduate training and education, the second session of tutor’s seminar was held in BIG.