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Major Events in 2014
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Jan 10

"Mammalian WTAP is a regulatory subunit of the RNA N6-methyladenosine methyltransferase” was published online in Cell Research. In this study, WTAP and METTL14 were identified as the two new components of human N6-methyladenosine (m6A) methyltransferase complex. Mammalian WTAP functions as a regulatory subunit and interacts with other m6A mehyltransferase components including METTL3 and METTL14 to regulate their catalytic activity and cellular localization. This finding is an important advance toward understanding of epitranscriptomic marker m6A.

Feb 9
"Identification of functional cooperative mutation SETD2 in human acute leukemia” was published in Nature Genetics. This study indicated that the SETD2 mutation was associated with chromosomal aberration, and aberrant chromosomal modification promoted acute leukemia. Thus SETD2 serves as new tumor suppressor and is a potential target for cancer diagnostics.

Mar 5
Dr. ZHANG Jing won LU JIAXI Award for Junior Scientists.


Mar 18
Director of Alibaba Group’s open platform for public services, ZHANG Yinsheng, visited BIG.


Mar 28
Around eighty high school students and teachers from Beijing No. 35 High School visited BIG. Dr. HU Songnian presented a popular talk on “Amazing Truths about Genomics”. These students attended the “Interactive Exhibition for Genetic Science and Technology” as the very first batch of visitors.

May 7
The forth “Life Science Academic Debate” was organized by CAS Beijing Branch and Beijing Institute of Genomics. People from Institute of Biophysics and BIG, debated on the safety of transgenic food. The team from BIG won this year’s debate.

May 8
"Programming and Inheritance of Parental DNA Methylomes in Mammals” was published in Cell. This study renewed the understanding of how mammals inherit DNA methylome from parent gametes during early embryogenesis and the reprogramming of parental methylomes.

May 16
"Inheritors” reading salon organized the first theme activity with Dr. HUANG Jianhua from Texas A&M University as the guest speaker. Dr. CI Weimin from BIG, CAS also shared her personal experience in career development in her talk of “The Life I Enjoyed”. Dr. YANG Weiping hosted this event with more than 60 students and faculty members attending.

May 17

BIG was invited to set up an exhibition booth at the National Science and Technology Week. Representatives of BIG demonstrated three popularized scientific interactive products in the “Health Story” exhibition to communicate the science with the general public.

May 26
Dr. XUE Yongbiao was appointed as the new director of BIG


Jun 6
The BIG management meeting was held. The leadership team attended the meeting and discussed with all BIG professors about the blue print for the development of BIG, CAS.


Jun 10

A mini-symposium on “Frontiers in Genomics” was held. Dr. HAN Bin, the former deputy director of BIG, gave a keynote talk. Around 110 students, faculty members and staff attended this meeting.

Jun 12
Dr. YANG Yungui was graded “excellent” in the final evaluation of 100 Talent Program joining the other 39 awardees out of the total 193 scientists in CAS supported by the Program.


Jun 17
Graduation commencement of 2014

Jun 18
Dr. LIU Jiang was awarded “Annual Chinese Academy of Young Scientist Award”. This award recognizes 10 outstanding young scientists every year in the CAS


Jun 23
Dr. YANG Weiping led a group of 10 people from the administrative departments of BIG, visited the Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, to exchange the experiences of human resource management of academic institutions.

Jul 30
The meeting on BIG supporting platform was held. The leadership team discussed with staff from the platform.


Jul 1
Dr. YU Jun from the CAS Key laboratory of Genome Sciences and Information, BIG, participated in the establishment of the standard and guideline of personalized medical examination. He was the primary author for the chapter of “Sequencing in personalized medical examination”


Aug 2
The institutional equipment sharing-platform was established. All the equipment over the value of CNY 200K was registered and integrated with the existing DNA analysis and Bioinformatics platform to form the centralized platform in order to serve the need of all researchers in BIG and increase the equipment utilization.


Aug 15

Dr. CI Weimin was awarded the National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars of the Year 2014 by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


Aug 21
"CAS Key Laboratory of Genomics and Precision Medicine” was approved for establishment in the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Aug 25

Dr. Hasan Aljohi, Director of the Center of Excellence for Genomics, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia visited BIG.


Sep 12
Opening Ceremony for the graduate students of the year 2014.

Sep 15
Dr. DU Chunlei, Director of Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Research Institute, Chongqing Institute of Green and Intelligent Technology, and his colleagues visited BIG.

Sep 18
The final evaluation of the major national research project “The parsing of proteomic mass spectral data and its application in the human genome annotation” was held.

Oct 16
The “Gene Science and Technology Interactive Exhibition” was open. This exhibition was funded by the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission and hosted by Domino Gene Science Promotion Association of BIG. It is recognized as one of the Science Promotion and Education Bases in Beijing.


Oct 17-20

The 2014 next-generation sequencing symposium (NGS Symposium) was held in Hefei. This symposium was organized by BIG and University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), co-organized by the journal Genomics, Proteomics and Bioinformatics (GPB) and Genomics Association, Genetics Society of China and hosted by Dr YU Jun. Seventeen scientists gave talks on the topic of metagenomics and ribogenomics.

Oct 26
"Gene Science and Technology Interactive Exhibition” was officially open. An “Open House” was specially organized for the institutional staff and their family members, as well as the 30 undergraduate students in Dr. XUE Yongbiao’s class from University of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Oct 27
A panel discussion involving 30 attendants was hold. The institutional leadership team, staff from the administrative departments attended the meeting. During the discussion, participants exchanged concerns in career development, management and institutional development and proposed new ideas for the development of BIG.

Nov 5
The BIG project “Molecular Module for Omics Data Integration and Dictionary System establishment” was officially approved to be a part of the Strategic Priority Research program of CAS (class A) for “Molecular Module Design and Breeding System”


Nov 13
The BIG Core Genomic Facility passed the appraisal for inclusion in the preferential support program by Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Nov 19
Dr. LIU Jiang and WANG Dr. Qianfei were awarded National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars by the National Natural Science Foundation of China.


Dec 22
The CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine held the first annual academic meeting for the year 2014 and the first academic board meeting.

Dec 23
The Executive Committee approved working plans for “Human resources”, "Scientific development”, "Core Genomic Facility”, "Party Construction and Innovation”.