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Major Events in 2017
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1. Implementation of the National “13th Five-year Plan”


1) Annual Conference


Feb 24


The 2017 Annual conference was held at BIG, during the period of implementing the “Pioneer Initiative” and firmly advancing the “13th Five-year Plan” of institute. The conference summarized works in 2016, thinking about the deployment in 2017, cleared the development goals, sort out the implementation path. Leading group and backbone of scientific research management, branch secretary and student representatives of BIG, a total of more than 70 people attended.


2) CAS Leaders Visiting


May 11


Director of CAS Bureau of Science & Technology for Development YAN Qing, Deputy Director DUAN Ziyuan and his colleagues conducted an investigation at BIG, visited the BIG Data Center, genome sequencing platform and CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine, discussed with the backbone of science and management. Dr. XUE Yongbiao, Director of BIG, introduced the general performance of the institute. YAN has fully affirmed the development and thinking of the institute, and declared that he will strengthen the coordination, provide more services to promote the next step development of the institute.


Jun 5


DENG Yong, Deputy Secretary-General of the CAS, conducted a special investigation on the construction of the BIG Data Center in Huairou, listened to a report about the planning and thinking of BIGD construction in Huairou Science Innovation District delivered by XUE Yongbiao, director of the BIG. DENG showed the positive view towards the achievement of BIGD, encouraged the Institute actively joined the construction of Beijing National Science and Technology Innovation Center, seized the opportunities, deepened the reform and made contributions to building a world powerhouse for data science.


3) Participating in Construction of Huairou Science City


BIG actively participated in construction of Huairou Science City in Beijing Science and Technology Innovation Center as well as construction of CAS Huairou Life and Health Science Center. Based on the implement of China National Facility for Biomedical Data (Beijing) and Interdisciplinary Platform of Precision Medicine and Big Data, BIG will launch big data activities including storage, exchange, management and application to promote the establishment of "China National Bioinformation Center".


·Interdisciplinary Platform of Precision Medicine and Big Data


Dec 14


BIG presented construction scheme of Interdisciplinary Platform of Precision Medicine and Big Data in the Inception conference of CAS collaborative innovation interdisciplinary platform in Beijing comprehensive national scientific center. The interdisciplinary platform will focus on the construction, transmission and management of big data for precision medicine, accelerate the development of healthy industries and provide important strategic support to secure a decisive victory in building a moderately prosperous society.


· China National Facility for Biomedical Data (Beijing)


Nov 23


Strategy Symposium for China National Facility for Biomedical Data organized by CAS was held in Shanghai. A construction strategy was confirmed in the meeting, i.e., there will be one facility with two branches (Beijing and Shanghai). The project working group will be established soon.


Dec 8


The Expert Review Meeting for Alternative Projects of Major National Science and Technology Infrastructure in the "Thirteenth Five-year Plan" Period organized by CAS Huairou Special Office was held on December 8th. BIG presented the construction scheme of China National Facility for Biomedical Data (Beijing).


· China National Bioinformation Center


Jul 21-Nov 28


BIG actively participated in the planning of construction for China National Bioinformation Center, and has reported the construction scheme to Ministry of Science and Technology three times.


2. Deployment and promotion of key research programs


1)“CAS Precision Medicine Initiative”


Sep 1


The first batch of electronic health records (EHR) with genetic reports has been opened to 378 individuals. Since the project initiated in July 2016, seven independent research groups were involved. In order to ensure the individualized precise assessment, we organized 14 meetings for queries, discussions and modifications before generating the genetic reports.


Oct 30


“New therapeutic strategy benefits children with leukemia.” Leukemia is a major threat to children's health, conventional chemotherapy causes severe side effects and needs high cost in supportive care. Dr. WANG Qianfei and his research team dedicate to improve the clinical outcome of children with leukemia by treating them with low-dose chemotherapy regimen. The National Health and Family Planning Commission of the PRC (NHFPC) organized a special seminar for BIG to showcase the recent progress in low-dose chemotherapy treatment of pediatric leukemia. Upon recommendation of exports attended the meeting, NHFPC will dedicate special effort to initiate the multiple center precision medicine project.


Dec 18


In this year, we organized 4 general committee meetings of CAS Precision Medicine Initiative project to accelerate several programs, including publishing the genetic reports, organizing the announcement of reference genome etc. To improve the recruitment of volunteers from CAS occupational population, we recruited nearly 400 new volunteers from CAS headquarter, administrative bureau, and four institutes. The baseline acquisition and whole genome sequencing was completed. A total of about 1,000 volunteers have been recruited since the program started.


2)BIGD Construction


Jan 16-18


The 1st Big Data Forum for Life and Health Sciences was successfully held in Beijing Institute of Genomics(BIG), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) during Jan 16-18, 2017, which is organized by BIG Data Center of BIG, CAS. Supported by the funding of CAS International Human Health Data Alliance in a Big Data World, the conference has invited more than 20 experts home and abroad to participate in the exchange and discussion in database construction and scientific research. The constructive suggestions and opinions from the consulting experts and attendances have accumulated during the conference which has provided valuable experiences in how to enhance the international cooperation, strengthen the academic communication.


May 25-27


The delegation led by Dr. BAO Yiming from BIG Data Center attended the INSDC annual meeting and presented the GSA in DDBJ. The delegation discussed with INSDC about the developing trend of the big data in management and submission in China as well as the challenge that BIGD have to face in the future. The feasibility of BIGD's accession to the INSDC exchanged, which laid a good foundation for the further deepening of cooperation between BIGD and INSDC.


Oct 1


To meet the crucial needs of China National Big Data Strategy, BIGD has developed the Genome Sequence Archive (GSA), a data repository for archiving raw sequence reads and facilitating genomic data deposition, management and sharing. Hence we propose the China Genomic Data Sharing Initiative, the initiative is listed as follows: A standard practice should be established as soon as possible for centralized management and public sharing of China Genomic Data; Genomic data derived from China national scientific research projects should be managed in a centralized manner in China; Raw sequence data should be deposited into Genome Sequence Archive (GSA). China Genomic Data Sharing Initiative has been got agreement of response respectively from 1413 people from 524 different universities, hospitals and institutes all over the country.


Oct 10-13


The 2nd Big Data Forum for Life and Health Sciences was held in BIG, during which the achievements of BIGD especially in big biological data collection and global sharing are highly recognized by the participants. Furthermore, the participants have the previous agreement and common sense on setting up the International Biodiversity and Life health big Data Sharing Alliance.


3)Public Security Collaborative Innovation Center


Nov 21


“The construction scheme of Public Security and Biosafety Prevention Collaborative Innovation Centre” was approved by executive committee of BIG. The centre will conduct scientific research on genomics in public security and biosafety related fields. In preparation period, the centre has been undertaken several important research projects, including the CAS Key Deployment Projects, Key Program of Research and Application of Common Technologies on Common Quality Basis, programs of Science and Technology Commission of the Military Commission.


4)Organization and promotion of the CAS& national key programs


July 20


The project “New sequencing method and theory for RNA methylation Epigenomics” conducted by YANG Yungui Group was funded by Key Research Program of Frontier Science, CAS.


July 24


The subject entitled “Whole genome sequencing and systematic analysis on Chinese population” conducted by BIGD was supported by the Special Foundation for Precision Medicine Research of the National Key R&D Program of China.


July 26


The subject entitled “Biochemical pollution detection technology for import and export trade” conducted by YU Jun Group was supported by the Special Foundation for Common Technology Research and Application of National Quality Infrastructure, National Key R&D Program of China.


Aug 15


The Symposium on "Biological macromolecular dynamic modification and chemical intervention", a major research project of NSFC, was held in Beijing, hosted by the chemistry department of the Natural Science Foundation Committee (NSFC), the Beijing Institute of Genomics and the Peking University School of Chemistry and Molecular engineering. A total of 12 reports were organized, focusing on three topics including the chemical and dynamic processes of biological macromolecules, the biological effects and regulation of dynamic modification, and the new target and target intervention strategies based on dynamic modification.


Sep 5


The project “Global Omics Data Sharing Initiative” conducted by BIGD were funded by the National Key R&D Program of China.


Nov 6


The national Key R&D program for “Precision Medicine”, “Testing Technology for Epigenomics and its Clinical Application” has made a series of progress: Micro cell single-site resolution high-throughput sequencing approaches for a diversity of DNA modification has been developed. Single-site resolution high-throughput sequencing approaches for m6A and other typical RNA modifications has been established. Mechanism that epigenetic modification regulates embryonic development, spermatogenesis, stem cell differentiation and other biological function has been clarified. The epigenetic map for embryonic development and cancers has been drawn.


Nov 8


The national Key R&D program for “Precision Medicine”, “Construction of Standardized Technological Systems for Big Data Processing and Application in Precision Medicine” has made a series of progress: "Standards and Guidelines for the Classification of Genetic Variation" has been published. Genome Sequence Archive (GSA) system has been updated. The Microbiome information platform for CAS has been constructed. The classification for biomedical data safety has been completed. Open Biomedical Information Model has been built with international open EHR Foundation. The Standard Technical System of Clinical Big-data has been developed basically, which involved data integration, quality control, data storage and data access.


Dec 7


The project entitled “Mechanism investigation and precise clinical diagnosis and treatment establishment of pancreatic cancer” conducted by YANG Yungui Group was funded by the Key Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Dec 7


The subject entitled “Molecular mechanisms of organ aging” conducted by CI Weimin Group, the sub-topic entitled “Regulatory mechanism of new identified nucleic acid modifications in organ regeneration” conducted by HAN Dali Group were funded by the Strategic Priority Research Program for Organ Reconstruction and Manufacture of Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Dec 8


The project “Big data-driven bioinformatics innovation demonstration platform” conducted by BIGD was supported by CAS Special Fund for Information Research Program.


3. Personnel and talents


1)Appointment of leadership members


Jul 17


LIU Weiping, the Deputy Secretary of the Party and the Vice President of the CAS, participated in the examination of the leadership of the BIG and conducted a research on CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine, Core Genomic Facility and BIG Data Center. LIU discussed scientific innovation and the issues needed to support with PIs of institute. He urged that BIG should adhere to the principle of "studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building" and seriously study General Secretary XI Jinping's important speech in this education, especially the important directive on building "healthy China", and get more fruits in the field of precision medicine to serve the country and benefit the people.




Appointment meeting of BIG’s leadership members was held. MA Yang, the Vice Secretary of Sub-party Group and Vice Director of CAS Beijing Branch, announced the appointment decision. XUE Yongbiao was appointed as the Director of BIG, WANG Liping and ZHANG Dexing were appointed as the Vice Director. Dr. XUE appreciated the contributions made by the previous leadership members and the supports made by all the staff. He felt a great responsibility and a glorious mission to engage in the “13th 5-year” overall plan. He ensured that the new leadership will work in a down-to-earth manner to make a great progress in the development of BIG.


2)Talent recruitment


Sep 1


Dr. HAN Dali, a candidate of the “2017 100 Talents Plan of CAS” was in full time work in BIG.




Dr. JIANG Lan was officially admitted to the “Thousand Talents Program”


Dec 16


Dr. LI Mingkun, a winner of the “2016 Thousand Talents Program for Young Outstanding Scientists of CAS”, was in full time employment in BIG.


3)Talent Cultivation


Aug 8


BIG obtained talent supports from “Lu Jiaxi International Team Project” and “Innovative Talent Promotion Program”. Epigenetics Frontier Research Team leaded and organized by BIG, was selected as a member of “2017 Lu Jiaxi International Team Project”. Dr. YANG Yungui was selected as a member of “2016 Innovative Talent Promotion Program” funded by Ministry of Science and Technology.


Sep 6


Dr. ZHANG Zhang, the Executive Director of BIG Data Center in BIG, was evaluated as excellent in the 2017 final evaluation of “100 Talents Program candidates of CAS”. Among a total of 130 candidates from different institutions in CAS, 31 of them were evaluated as excellent.


Nov 13


Drs. LI Yueying, LUO Yingfeng, and SONG Shuhui weres elected as the members of “2017 Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS”. Dr. CHEN Ke was selected as an excellent member of “2017 Youth Innovation Promotion Association of CAS”.


Nov 28


Dr. LIU Jiang was selected as 2017“National Talents Project” and was awarded the “Youth Expert with Outstanding Contribution”.


4)Graduate students


Jun 20


The graduation ceremony held on June 20, 2017 at BIG, the leadership members, supervisors and middle managers of BIG, together with about 40 graduates shared the joy, the representative of the graduates showed their gratitude toward the institute, the representative of the supervisors and the Director XUE expressed the congratulations and best wishes to the graduates.


Jul 17-23


“Genome Science Frontiers” summer camp for undergraduate students was held from July 17 to 23 at BIG. 109 students from 77 universities countrywide joined the event. Students enjoyed various activities such as opening ceremony, popular science reports, rotation internship in laboratory, visiting and exchanging, closing ceremony, and group interviews. This summer camp is a perfect platform for undergraduates to know BIG, to understand Genome Science and to be interested in research, it also provides a way for excellent students to continue their graduates study in BIG.


Sep 11


Dr. WANG Kaile, graduated in 2016, whose PhD dissertation titled “Low frequency mutation detection based on next generation sequencing” was awarded for one of the CAS Excellent Ph.D Dissertations.


Sep 16


The 2017 Opening Ceremony for the Postgraduates was held in BIG on Sep 16. the leadership members, supervisors and middle managers of BIG and around 60 newly enrolled students attended the event. The representative of the supervisors, postgraduates and Director XUE expressed their warm welcome and sincere hope for the 2017 postgraduates.


4. Academic communication and international cooperation


1)BIG forum


May 31


The 14th BIG forum was held in BIG. Professor LIN Dongxin, Engineering academicians, was invited to give a lecture about genome research of esophageal cancer. He introduced the esophageal cancer research programs, strategies and the current research results, hot spots and so on.

November 3


The 15th BIG Forum was held in BIG, Professor Tomas Lindahl, 2015 Nobel laureate in Chemistry, was invited to give a lecture of "DNA Stability and Repair," a brief introduction to different types of DNA damage and his own original findings in the field of DNA repair mechanisms. And he unveiled his hand model in BIG.


2)CAS Key Labratory


Nov 17-19


The first symposium of genomic medicine frontier and universal wellness, as well as the annual conference of CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine was held, more than 20 scientists introduced the frontiers of genomics, the basic research of biomedicine, transformation medicine and clinical research. The annual conference discussed the future development of the key lab, and selected excellent posters which submitted during the conference.


3)International communication


July 1


Dr. Gregg L. Semenza, member of U.S. National Academy of Sciences, visited BIG. Dr. Gregg L. Semenza is currently a professor at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine with appointments in Pediatrics, Radiation Oncology, Biological Chemistry, Medicine, and Oncology. Dr. Semenza’s laboratory identified hypoxia-inducible factor 1 (HIF-1), a protein that allows cells to respond to changes in oxygen availability. Dr. Semenza and Dr. ZENG Changqing will enhance academic exchanges and cooperation in the adaptability investigation of plateau population.


July 3


Dr. Cynthia M. Beall, member of U.S. National Academy of Sciences, visited BIG. She is currently a distinguished professor in Case Western Reserve University. She has been working four decades on people living in extremely high mountains. Her groundbreaking works among Andean, Tibetan and East African highlanders are the basis of our knowledge on adaptation to hypoxic condition and influence on the evolutionary selection in modern humans. Dr. Beall and Dr. ZENG Changqing will enhance academic exchanges and cooperation in the adaptability investigation of plateau population.


Jul 5-9


Dr. XUE Yongbiao, Director of BIG, attended the Executive Committee meeting of International Union of Biological Science (IUBS) in Paris. The scientific program entitled “Open Biodiversity and Health Big Data Initiative (BHBD)” was supported by IUBS with a funding of 30,000 EURO for 3 years. This is the largest grant supported by IUBS and was hosted by Dr. BAO Yiming of BIGD.


Jul 12-15


Dr. XUE Yongbiao and the delegation visited Quaid-i-Azam University and University of Karachi in Pakistan. Both sides conducted an extensive discussion around life and health data sharing, establishing the joint International Health Data Alliance and other academic exchanges. During the two-day visit, BIG had signed MOUs with both universities, and hoped to establish deeply collaboration partnership on academic exchanges.


Aug 8


Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, the official journal of BIG and Genetics Society of China, has been selected for coverage in Science Citation Index Expanded and Journal Citation Reports/Science Edition of Clarivate Analytics.


Sep 4-9


The delegation of BIG, led by Director. XUE Yongbiao, visited National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) in USA On Sep 4th, 2017. Dr. XUE has held a constructive discussion with Dr. Dennis Benson, Dr. David Landsman and Dr. Kim Pruitt from NCBI. Both sides exchanged ideas on the challenge of life and health big data development, and intended to explore the feasibility of further cooperation.


Sep 19


Dr. M. Iqbal Choudhary, Director of International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), University of Karachi, accompanied by Dr. Atia tul Wahab, visited BIG. Dr. XUE Yongbiao, director of BIG welcomed the distinguished delegates. Both sides discussed the possible collaborations about the life and health data sharing, construction of Joint Center for Genome Research, and exchange of scholars.


Sep 21


Prof. Low Teck Seng, Chief Executive Officer of National Research Foundation (NRF), Singapore, and the delegation visited BIG on September 21. Dr. XUE Yongbiao, director of BIG introduced our institute, including a brief introduction, scientific research system, and recently research achievements. Prof. Low Teck Seng briefly introduced NRF and the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (CREAT) Program. Both parties hoped to establish a possible collaboration, especially the precision medicine, epigenetic research and RNA research.


4)Internal and external cooperation


Jan 13


A delegation of BIG led by Associate party secretary WANG Liping visited Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University officially based on previous substantial collaboration and framework agreement. Dr. GUO Qiyong, the director of the hospital introduced their clinical source and research progress. With the goal to investigate the Northeast population, both sides agreed to co-operate deeply with each other based on respective advantages and aimed at translating scientific research into clinical practice.


Jun 26


BIG and Children’s Hospital of Soochow University officially founded “Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Science- Children’s Hospital of Soochow University Precision Medical Research Center”, based on previous substantial collaboration. After reaching a joint agreement, an opening ceremony was held at Suzhou. With the goal to improve the outcome of pediatric leukemia, the center is dedicated to transform scientific research into clinical practice by integrating academic expertise and advantageous resources.


Sep 14


National Engineering Laboratory for Forensic Science, which was led by Institute of Forensic Science, Ministry of Public Security was officially launched in Beijing. It is jointly organized by 9 institutes including BIG, Institute of Soil Science, CAS, National Institute of Metrology, and so on. The first council and technical committee had been selected. XUE Yongbiao, director of BIG and YANG Yungui, deputy director of CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic Medicine, were selected as members of the Council and members of the technical committee, respectively. An academic symposium was held, YAN Jiangwei introduced the research progress of forensic genomics on behalf of BIG.


Dec 3


A delegation led by Director XUE Yongbiao and Deputy Director WANG Liping from BIG visited Children’s Hospital of Soochow University. A bilateral meeting of the construction of “Precision Medical Research Center” was held. Both sides agreed to further strengthen the research cooperation, especially in the field of functional genomic analysis and new therapeutic strategy for pediatric acute leukemia. A multi-center clinical trial on low-dose chemotherapy of pediatric acute leukemia will be launched soon. BIGD will be in charge of the database construction and data transmission for the multi-center clinical trial.


5. Party building and innovation culture


1)Party building


Mar 23


A ceremony of signing responsibility letters of integrity was held in BIG. Leaders of departments and research groups of BIG signed individual responsibility letter with competent directors to ensure integrity in responsible field.


Mar 27


The central group of the Party Committee of BIG held the first seminar with the topic of learning the spirits of the 6th Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee. Members of the Party Committee WANG Liping, ZHAO Jian, HU Songnian and YAN Jiangwei gave key speeches, respectively.


May 25


BIG held a meeting of Party members and elected representatives to attend the Party congress of CAS. WANG Liping gave a lecture on how to learn the work system of Party building of CAS and enhance the Party building in the institute to promote scientific work.


Jun 28


BIG held a Party meeting for celebrating the 96th anniversary of CPC, with the subject of “Party building for scientific innovation”. Three Party members, recommended as outstanding examples in BIG, shared their stories. Six representatives from each Party branch reported their work of Party building.


Jun 28

The central group of the Party Committee of BIG held the second seminar with the topic of implementing scientific innovation. Director XUE Yongbiao gave a key speech. He introduced the content of the national strategy of development driven by innovation, and shared his understandings on how to implement the policy for the institute.


Aug 25

The central group of the Party Committee of BIG held the third seminar with the topic of learning the spirits of the speech given by General Secretary XI Jinping on July 26, and the summer meeting of CAS. Leaders of the institute XUE Yongbiao, WANG Liping, ZHAO Jian gave key speeches, respectively.


Oct 18

Over 200 staff and students of BIG watched live video of the opening meeting of the 19th CPC National Congress, and listened General Secretary Xi Jinping’s report.


Nov 9

Over 130 staff and students of BIG visited the Exhibition of Innovative Achievements of CAS in Recent Five Years and the Museum of CAS History.


Dec 5

The central group of the Party Committee of BIG held the fourth seminar with the topic of learning the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress. Leaders of the institute XUE Yongbiao, WANG Liping, ZHAO Jian, ZHANG Dexing and Party Committee member HU Songnian gave key speeches, respectively.


Dec 11

BIG held a meeting with the subject of learning the spirits of the 19th CPC National Congress. Professor FANG Xin of CAS delivered a report, telling the original aspiration and the mission of Chinese Communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. We must remain ture to our original aspiration and keep on striving toward the great goal of national rejuvenation.


2)Party branch building


Apr 21


The first Party branch of the CAS Key Laboratory of Genome Science and Information in BIG held a forum called New Culture Forum. Professor JIANG Xianhua, an expert in forensic DNA identification, gave a lecture on the history, application and future development of forensic DNA science and technology.


May 4


Members of the second Party branch of the CAS Key Laboratory of Genome Science and Information in BIG visited the Party member education basement in Bejing.


Jul 25


Three Party branches of BIG, including the branch of BIGD and Institutional Center, the first and the second branches of the CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic Precision Medicine, jointly held a Party lecture with the topic of anti-corruption and self-discipline.


Sep 28


The second Party branch of the CAS Key Laboratory of Genome Science and Information in BIG, joined the activity for selecting good ways of Party branch work, held by CAS Beijing Branch. Finally this Party branch was honored as outstanding branch.


Nov 6


The Party branch of administration departments and the Party branch of BIGD and Institutional Center, jointly held a seminar with the theme of collaborating for the planing of the National Bioinformatics Center.


Nov 17

Mebmers of the Party branch of BIGD and Institutional Center visited the Xibaipo Museum in Hebei Province for historic and revolutionary education. Xibaipo was the last rural command post of CPC before moving to Bejing in 1949.


3)Innovation culture


·The institute motto


Mar 22


By recommendation and selection, BIG set the institute motto, with the meaning as “To disseminate virtue and to investigate the way of things, pursuing for excellence and extraordinariness”.


·Outstanding examples around us


Apr 18


BIG held an activity for recommending outstanding examples around us. Finally six people were selected as outstanding examples in BIG: LIU Jiang, ZHAO Wenming, BAO Qi, ZHOU Yuanyuan, LI Congru, and SANG Jian. The institute called all staff and students to learn from them and make more contributions in each position.


·The Inheritor Culture Forum


Apr 10


BIG held the first lecture of the Inheritor Culture Forum. Professor GUO Chuanjie of CAS gave a report entitled “Inheritance: why, what and how”, explained the meaning of cultural inheritance, the relation of inheritance and innovation, and shared stories of CAS scientists.


Jun 16


BIG held the second lecture of the Inheritor Culture Forum. Professor QIN Zheng of Tsinghua University gave a report entitled “The influence of big data to the future society”, introduced the history, current influence, and future trend of big data.


Dec 11


BIG held the third lecture of the Inheritor Culture Forum. Professor FANG Xin of CAS delivered a report, telling the original aspiration and the mission of Chinese Communists is to seek happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation. We must remain ture to our original aspiration and keep on striving toward the great goal of national rejuvenation.


·The Workers Congress


Mar 23


BIG held the 2017 meeting of Workers Congress. Director XUE Yongbiao gave a report on the annual work of the institute. Chairman of the Workers Congress XIAO Jingfa reported annual work of the congress. Worker representatives discussed and expressed opinions and proposals on relative issues.


Jun 27


The Trade Union of BIG was successfully qualified as the “Home of Workers” after evaluation.


Sep 26


Leaders of BIG, including WANG Liping and ZHAO Jian, and Chairman of the Trade Union XIAO Jingfa, visited research fellows of the institute before the National Day, expressed greetings on behalf of the institute.


·Public Popular Science


May 21


BIG organized 2017 annual activity of Open Day of Public Popular Science, including exhibition of life science knowledge, laboratory visits, interactive experiments and reports, attracting hundreds of visitors.