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Mexican guests visit BIG
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The officials with prestigious scientists from the Mexico National Council on Science and Technology, led by Dr. Sra. Clara Moran, visited BIG on April 28, 2009, as part of an integrated program of the Sino-Mexican Biotechnology Seminar. The seminar was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and the Mexico National Council on Science and Technology. The delegates met the BIG deputy director professor Jun Yu. Both sides discussed topics with common interest in the development of genomics and bioinformatics, and their potential application in agriculture, medicine and other fields. Whereafter, both sides exchanged ideas mainly on the possibilities for cooperation between the two countries in these fields. The delegates also visited the BIG technical platform for the genomics and bioinformatics, high performance computing systems, and laboratories.

China and Mexico are greatly complementary scientifically and technologically, and have huge potential in cooperation. Innovation in science, technology and knowledge has become a key factor for modern social development. Sci-tech cooperation between the two countries will possibly become the guide and an important supportive force for the two countries' trade cooperation. Presently, China and Mexico are having cooperation in basic sciences and new and hi-tech industrial transformation in diversified forms with remarkable achievements, particularly in traditional medicine and agriculture. The Mexican delegates will take this opportunity to visit other top research institutes in life science, transgenic crops and bio-fuels in China. This seminar is expected to promote bilateral cooperation in biotechnology between scientific institutions and scientists of the two countries.