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Changjiang Scholar LI Guo-Min Visits BIG
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Dr. LI Guo-Min, Professor and James Gardner Endowed Chair in Cancer Research at  Markey Cancer Center of College of Medicine, University of Kentucky delivered a seminar entitled “Genetic and epigenetic regulations of genome maintenance systems” on Monday, June18th, 2012, hosted by Dr. GUO Caixia , Professor of Beijing Institute of Genomics(BIG).

Dr. LI’s primary research interest is on the studying molecular mechanisms by which lost of DNA repair functions causes cancer and other human diseases. In the seminar, he shared with audience his research findings of regulation of  mismatch repair(MMR) function by posttranslational modifications as well as MMR at the chromatin level. In 2007, he was recruited to Wuhan University as Changjiang Scholar by the Ministry of Education of China.