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CAS Appoints New Leading Group of BIG
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On 7th Sep 2012, HE Yan, the Vice Secretaries-General of CAS, YANG Jianguo, the Vice Secretary of Party Committee of Beijing Branch CAS, and WEI Lingbo, the Vice Director of Cadre Department of Beijing Brach CAS, announced the new leading group of BIG. Leading group members as well as middle and high levels cadres of BIG attended the meeting.

On behalf of Party Committee of CAS, YANG Jianguo read the New Position Announcement: WU Chung-I appointed Director, YANG Weiping appointed Executive Vice Director (Legal Person), ZHANG Dexing and LI Junxiong appointed Vice Director.

HE Yan represented the Party Committee of CAS to award WU Chung-I the Certificate of Appointment. HE Yan was impressed by the previous leading group on their strategy Plan, bringing in intelligences and basic facilities construction etc. YU Jun, the Vice Director of the previous leading group, was also awarded for his contribution of China technology development and BIG development.

On the meeting, on behalf of new leading group, WU Chung-I thanked the Party Committee for long time its thoughtfulness and direction for BIG, also thanked Director of CAS BAI Chunli for his affirmative on the development, strategy, and intelligence recruit of BIG. All members of BIG will together to construct and develop BIG to the best with directions and supports from CAS and Beijing Branch.

HE Yan was awarding a certificate to WU Chung-i

On the meeting