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451st Xiangshan Science Conference Was Held in Beijing
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The Xiangshan Science Conference focused on “Evolution, Cancer Genomics and Personalized Medicine” was held in Beijing Fragrant Hill Hotel from Dec 13th to 14th, 2012. More than 50 top authorities on tumorigenesis, tumor development and clinical treatment attended the meeting.

Experts had a heated discussion around cancer genomics, somatic mutations and changes in regulatory functions, the microenvironment and immune of tumor and tumor suppressor and personalized medicine.

The aim of the conference is deeply discussing the generality and specificity of the process of tumor incidence, development, and metastasis, introducing evolutionary research strategy to identify key genes or loci of the cell population adaptability, studying somatic mutation rate and evolutionary driving force, ultimately identifying the key mutant gene of cancer;

Also, studying DNA methylation and changes of gene expression regulation from the whole genomic level, identifying key targets of regulatory networks in the cancer development process with large-scale application of RNA interference; resolve network system structure. Based on these mutations in the tumor individuals, using biology, nucleic acid chemistry, and nanotechnologyetc, to design specific anti-tumor cell individualized treatment programs.

Xiangshan Science Conference is sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology (formerly the State Science and Technology Commission), officially founded in 1993. The mission of Xiangshan Science Conference is promoting multi- or inter-disciplinary research, overall comprehensive studies, innovative thinking and knowledge innovation by creating a relaxed environment for academic exchanges, upholding the spirit of free academic discussion, and giving priority to scientific frontiers and their future development.