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Professor Finn Kirpekar was Awarded "The Senior International Scientists of CAS Visiting Professorship"
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Professor Finn Kirpekar was awarded the “The Senior International Scientists of CAS Visiting Professorship” on Mar.7, Dr. YANG Weiping, the deputy director of Beijing Institute of Genomics(BIG), presented the Award Certificate. After that,Prof. Finn Kirpekar delivered a lecture entitled “From genome sequencing to RNA modifications”, more than 70 researchers from BIG attended the seminar.

Prof. Finn Kirpekar is from Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, University of Southern Denmark. He studies naturally occurring RNA modifications, their function and the corresponding modifying enzymes. And now he is collaborating with Dr YANG Yungui at BIG to study RNA methylation mechanisms.

Dr. YANG Weiping was presenting the Award Certificate to Prof. Finn Kirpekar(Image by JIN Kangxuan)