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2013 International Conference of Genomics Held in Qingdao
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2013 International Conference of Genomics (ICG2013) was held in Qingdao during 28th-30th October 2013. Scientists around the world gathered in the conference to report and discuss the latest progresses and achievements in genomics. 


Genomics has entered a new era when its knowledge and tools are being actively applied to a broad spectrum of research fields, including medicine, agriculture, aquiculture, environment, and energy. The high-throughput technologies and massive information in genomics studies lead to new science conceptions and ideas, while “discovery-driven” or “data-driven” studies co-exist with “hypothesis-driven” studies. Therefore, data sharing, idea exchange, cross-field collaboration, and direct communication are all essential for fast-pace research activities. 


ICG2013 focused on “Breakthrough and Transformation of Genomics”, and has four scientific topics: Genome Analysis, Genome Regulation, Genome Technologies and Marine and Aquatic Biology Genomics. This conference for the first time sets up a breakout session for marine and aquatic biological genomics, which provides new thoughts for the interdisciplinarity of genomics and marine and aquatic science in China. 


In the opening ceremony, Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and Jilin Zixin Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd signed a technical cooperation agreement and investment intentions for the transformation and industrialization cooperation of the second generation sequencing machine. It marks the second generation sequencing machine project that previously accomplished independently by CAS is about to enter the market transformation and industrialization stage. 



 Signing a technical cooperation agreement in the opening ceremony(Image by LIU Banghua) 



 Prof. YU Jun was giving a speech(Image by LIU Banghua) 



 Prof. Michel G.Clermont at the meeting(Image by LIU Banghua)