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Annual Academic Seminar and Workshop of CAS Key Laboratory of Genome Sciences & Information were Held
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The annual seminar of academic commission and academic workshop of CAS Key Laboratory of Genome Sciences & Information were held on Jan 22. The Vice director of institute, WANG Liping, who is also the member of academic commission of key Lab, has participated in the seminar. The participants were consisting of faculties, scientists, technicians and students of each research groups. Prof. HU Songnian, the director of Key Lab, presented the seminar. The seminar lasted for 2 days.

Firstly, WANG Liping expressed appreciation to all the participants, and proposed new expectation for the all members: to work harder together to solve more complex scientific problems, in the hope of leading the Key Lab to one of the most excellent laboratories of the CAS. Prof. HU Songnian introduced the progression of the key Lab in 2017 and anticipate challenges and expectations in the future. Prof. LIU Jiang and Prof. BAO Yiming summarized their work in the past year from two major fields of epigenetics and medical big data respectively. In the next discussion session, the members of academic commission also discussed on several topics including the leading role of Key Lab on the development of genomics and bioinformatics, the directions of future studies, the impact and better scientific services for the public and community, the teamwork and cooperation with top-level domestic groups, the influences of epidemic microbes on public safety and the analysis of biological big data.



Prof. HU Songnian was giving the annual report.



Prof. LIU Jiang was giving the presentation on epigenomics.



Prof. BAO Yiming was giving the presentation on BIG Data Center.



Group photo of Academic Commission Members.

The workshop on the second day had involved in two main topics: the public safety and biological big data processing. The first part in the morning focused on the topic of public safety. Prof. SHEN Shifei from Tsinghua University gave the talk on public safety and emergency management. Mr. LIU Bing from The Ministry of Public Safety gave the talk on the forensic DNA database. Ms. PENG Fei from Hanwang Group gave the talk on application of human face recognition. Prof. TONG Yigang from Academy of Military Medical Sciences gave the talk on the potential impact of epidemic virus on the public safety.



Prof. SHEN Shifei was giving the presentation.



Mr. LIU Bing was giving the presentation.



Ms. PENG Fei was giving the presentation.



 Prof. TONG Yigang was giving the presentation.

In the afternoon, the second part of the workshop focused on the big data processing. Prof. QU Lianghu form Sun Yat-Sen University gave the talk on classification of cell phenotype based on RNA indicators. Mr. WU Zhangxian from China Telecom gave the talk on the construction of cloud infrastructure for biological big data processing. Prof. BAO Yiming from BIGD gave the talk on the trend of construction and development of big data center nowadays and in the future, and had a deep discussion with all participants on many topics on big data analysis and management.



Participants were discussing with presenters.



Prof. QU Lianghu was giving the presentation.



Mr. WU Zhangxian was giving the presentation.

Finally, Prof. HU Songnian summarized the seminar. He mentioned that the deep discussions in the seminar would boost the creativity of researches and development of the technologies. Meanwhile, all participants gave many contributive suggestions to the development of the key laboratory in the future. In the next year, based on all the suggestions, the Key Lab will concentrate on specific study directions, paying more efforts on staff education, talents recruitment and research cooperation, looking forward to better achievements and breakthroughs.