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Pakistan Engineering Technology Promotion Association Visited BIG
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A delegation from Pakistan Engineering and Technology Promotion Association, accompanied by SUN Lin, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department, China Association for Science and Technology, visited BIG on August 8. Visitors include Faid Rehman, Executive Committee Member, Shakil Durrani, Executive Director, Jehangir Bashar, President of GIK Engineering and Technology, Pakistan, and Ata ur Rahman, Scientific and Technical Counselor of the Pakistani Embassy in China. XUE Yongbiao, director of BIG, Dr. ZENG Changqing and Pakistani students studying in BIG took part in the meeting.

Dr. Shakil Durrani and Dr. Jehangir Bashar introduced the Pakistan Engineering and Technology Promotion Association and the GIK Engineering and Technology Institute, respectively. Dr. XUE introduced the development history and research direction of Genetics Society of China and BIG, and introduced a series of international cooperation between BIG and Pakistan.

Precision medicine, life and health big data resources sharing were in-depth discussed during the meeting. Further research cooperation in bioinformatics and big data sharing between GIK Engineering and Technology Institute and BIGD will be expected.

Group photo (Image by WU Jun)