Seminar: Translational Medicine in the Prediction of Clinical Drug Response
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Title: Translational medicine in the prediction of clinical drug response


Speaker: Dr. R. Stephanie Huang

                 Assistant Professor of Medicine,

                 Comprehensive Cancer Center,

                 Center for Personalized Therapeutics,

                 Committee on Cancer Biology at the University of Chicago


Host: Dr.MI Shuangli


Time: 9:30-11:00, Sep 30th, 2014


Location: First-floor seminar hall, Conference Room, BIG, CAS


Introduce: To develop clinically useful models that predict risks for adverse drug reactions and non-response prior to administration of chemotherapy, Dr. Huang’ Lab research focuses on translational pharmacogenomic research with particular interest in the pharmacogenomics of anticancer agents by systematically evaluating the human genomes and their relationships to drug response and toxicity. They utilize cell lines, and clinical samples to discover and functional characterize genetic variations, gene and microRNA (miRNA) expression for their role in chemotherapeutic sensitivity.