Seminar:Information storage in DNA
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Speaker:Dr. Nick Goldman

                  EMBL-European Bioinformatics Institute



Host:Dr.YANG Ziheng


Time:15:00-16:00 Aug 11


Location: First-floor, Conference Room, BIG, CAS



Recent genome science-inspired advances in the technologies for reading and writing DNA led a group from the European Bioinformatics Institute to look at the possibility of using DNA as a digital archive medium. DNA has a 3-billion year proven pedigree as a stable information carrier, and individual 10,000-year-old DNA molecules are routinely recovered from historical samples. Safe DNA storage conditions are easily maintained at low cost, and the ability to read DNA fragments will surely survive for as long as there are technologically-advanced humans inquisitive about the working of living organisms' genomes. In our proof-of-principle experiment, we showed how existing DNA technologies could be used to store and recover approximately 750kb of digital information in a manner that could be extrapolated to global data scales, incorporating modern methods such as error correcting codes for data integrity. This talk will introduce the work of the European Bioinformatics Institute and describe our experiment, and will speculate on the future of DNA as a digital storage medium.