Core Genomic Facility
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1. Establishment and Orientation

Core Genomics Facility (CGF) is a technical supporting department established in 2011 to implement “One-Three-Five” strategic planning in BIG and “Four of First” strategic mission in CAS. CGF serves the major scientific projects funded by BIG, CAS, or the government, provides genome sequencing, data storage and computing, information analysis and functional study for the related institutes in the regional center and CAS, be responsible for the management, maintenance and sharing of the public instrument, develops new technology and new methodology in genomics, and establishes a leading genomics and bioinformatics technology services center with advanced scientific equipment and technical support capability.

Since CGF had become a technical support system funded by CAS, we have further prepared a "2015-2020 Development Strategy", which proposed that large-scale instrument and equipment will all be unified managed by CGF to support the research activities of BIG as well as those of CAS.

2. Framework of organization

Director: WU Jiayan
Deputy Director: XU Lei
Departments: Management Office, Genomics Platform, Instruments Sharing Platform

3. Construction and Management Committee

Chair: WANG Liping
Members: ZENG Changqing, HU Songnian, LIU Jiang, YANG Yungui, FANG Xiangdong, LV Xuemei, WU Jiayan, XU Lei

4. Annual Support Progress

In 2017,All the work is carried out smoothly in CGF. We continued to fully support the implementation of CAS precision medicine project and improved the technological capability through introducing new technologies and equipment to better support the research activities in BIG. As a member of the support system of CAS, we have got 2.265 million RMB funding from the regional public technical service center and shared subsidies of CAS to ensure the effective operation, to support the internal and external sequencing projects, and to actively promote the sharing of large-scale equipment.

Genomic Platform

In 2017, Core genomic facility is equipped with 10x Genomics Chromium and Bionano Saphyr. 10x Genomics Chromium can be used to prepare genomic DNA NGS library with barcode amplification primer from single molecule and RNA transcriptome NGS library with barcode reverse transcribed primer from single cell. This technology will be applied to de novo genome sequencing, genome haplotype and structural variation analyzing, single-cell transcriptome research. Bionano Saphyr can be used for obtaining genome physical map information, which improves genome assembling and identifies structural variations. We have completed more than 600 human whole genome 30X sequencing and a Chinese reference genome de novo sequencing in 2017 for Chinese Precision Medicine Project. We also developed several standard protocols for RNA m6A and m5C library preparation and sequencing, 10ng start DNA whole exome capture library construction and sequencing and so on.

Instruments Sharing Platform

There are totally 30 pieces of different type instruments working on Instruments Sharing Platform, and provide services through the sharing system, which has already updated to version 3.0. We have serviced 3042.75 hours in the first three quarters of this year, and have carried out 6 times technical training for 200 scientific researchers both inside and outside of the Institute. Moreover, we have invited manufacturers to provide several prototype trial services to help researchers know more about the instrument, including flow cytometry and super resolution molecular interaction microscope. At the end of 2017, we have newly introduced three instruments, including Flow Cytometry, Chronium Genome and Bionano. The installation test and operation training were expected to be completed before the end of the year and the instrument would be put into use early next year.