The Human LncRNA Knowledgebase Developed by BIG Data Center, Joined the RNAcentral Consortium
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Recently, the human long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) knowledgebase LncRNAWiki has been incorporated into RNAcentral, an open public resource that offers integral access to a comprehensive and up-to-date set of ncRNA sequences. This will inevitably promote information exchange and sharing between LncRNAWiki and other lncRNA databases.

LncRNAWiki was constructed by the ZHANG Zhang’s Lab in 2014 as a Wiki-based database for community curation of human lncRNAs, aiming to enable any registered user to collect and share his/her knowledge on human lncRNAs. In total 105,255 non-redundant lncRNA transcripts have been integrated from Gencode, LNCipedia, NONCODE, and lncRNAdb, among which about 100 known lncRNAs have been curated as well.

Since the original version was published in 2015, LncRNAWiki has been expanded and enriched primarily in two ways— (1) Community curation and new data entries: The updated version has, as of 1st September 2016, a total of 719 human lncRNAs that are supported by experimental evidence and 290 lncRNAs that have been experimentally verified to be associated with cancer or other diseases. (2) Introduction of small proteins potentially encoded by lncRNAs: We developed computational approaches for identification of small proteins in 105,824 human lncRNAs. As a result, we identified 9,387 lncRNAs that potentially encode small proteins, including 2,246 lncRNAs identified with high confidence.