BIG Held the 4th Genomic Medicine Frontier and Universal Wellness Symposium

The 4th symposium of genomic medicine frontier and universal wellness symposium, as well as annual conference of CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine was held during December 15-16, 2020.  

Participants included scientists in the frontiers of genomic medicine, the advisory committee members, all the principal investigators, researchers and graduate students of the key lab. 

At the opening ceremony, Prof LIU Zhihua and other invited reporters gave thorough introduction of cancer research, brain evolution, and the basic research of biomedicine, etc. 

At the annual conference, ZENG Changqing, the director of key lab, summarized the strategic layout, research achievements and future planning in 2020.  

Subsequently, academician ZHANG Xuemin hosted the 6th meeting of the academic committee. The academic members affirmed the research progress of the lab and gave a series of valuable advice for the lab evaluation next year and future development, including to refine the research direction and launch representative work, to strengthen the combination of basic research and clinical, the data analysis and independent research of algorithms, to establish a research team dedicated to the development of computational theory and methods and so on. 

 Group photo of the symposium (Image by ZHANG Xiaoliang)