Research Divisions
  • CAS Key Laboratory of Genome Sciences & Information

    IntroductionAfter the institute actively participated in the International Human Genome Project ( HGP ) , the institute also led the Chinese Super-hybrid Rice Genome Project . Approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences ( CAS ) .We will develop new theories about genome structure , mutation , function and evolution , and we will also build new methods and technologies about the massive biological data acquisition , integration and mining .In addit...

  • CAS Key Laboratory of Genomic and Precision Medicine

    IntroductionTo integrate rapidly growing approaches of the human genome research into the exploration of complex diseases .Our future studies involves in two main directions : the impacts of alterations in the genome stability on tumor development and drug resistance and the functional annotation of genes associated with hypoxia adaptation and tumor microenvironment .Ke received “ Excellent member ” of 2017 Youth Innovation Promotion Associa...

  • National Genomics Data Center

    The National Genomics Data Center (NGDC) was officially announced by the Ministry of Science & Technology and the Ministry of Finance of China on June 5, 2019. NGDC is dedicated to advancing life and health sciences by providing open access to a suite of resources, with the aim to translate big data into big discoveries and support worldwide activities in both academia and industry.

  • Center for Innovation in Genome Technology

    Establishment and OrientationCore Genomics Facility ( CGF ) is a technical supporting department established in 2011 to implement “ One-Three-Five ” strategic planning in BIG and “ Four of First ” strategic mission in CAS . CGF serves the major scientific projects funded by BIG .Which proposed that large-scale instrument and equipment will all be unified managed by CGF to support the research activities of BIG as well as those of CAS .