Center for Innovation in Genome Technology

The center was established in 2019, with Professor YANG Yungui as director. At present, there are 6 R & D staffs. The center is a research unit for technology innovation and development of the Institute, focusing on the development and transformation of new genomics technologies and methods, and supporting the research tasks of the Institute and the National.

Research directions

1. Develop new technologies and methods in genomics. The center will carry out technology research and development guided by the frontier of science and technology, National demand and the development of the Institutes, which mainly including: sequencing and bioinformatics technologies of DNA, RNA and their modification at low-input, single cell, and the key core technologies of next generation sequencing, etc.

2. Optimize the existing technologies, including RNA methylation sequencing technology, chromatin opening and spatial conformation research technology, DNA methylation sequencing technology, etc. Through the optimization, the technical advantages in genomics relevant fields are maintained and developed into a series of characteristic technologies.

3. The center will provide unique technology support services for BIG and other Institutes. And by the guidance of the technical expert committee of the center, we will cooperate with research groups to carry out technology transformation and application.

4. In 2020, the main task of the center is to carry out SARS-CoV-2 RNA sequencing and the development of rapid detection methods, as well as the development of low-input DNA methylation sequencing methods with bisulfite-free transformation.